The revelation of King Street

La révélation de Rue King

You may not have realized it, but you already know Marie-Eve Morency. In recent years, you’ve seen it in The Ti-Mé Show, gags just for laughs, En mode Salvail, The Show of Rousseau, The week of 4 Julie and Make me laugh. Producers tv seem to retain their services as soon as they plan to shoot a comedy sketch. “I am, “the girl of the p’tits sketches” and I love it, ” said the actress to the Journal.

The reputation television Marie-Eve Morency, however, should change this spring, as it is illustrated in King Street, a sitcom a new kind of Club illico. It shows his great talent as improviser, but more importantly, his timing comedic sharpened. It retains several of the good things of the 10 episodes posted online at the beginning of the month. And his name tops the list.

In the interview, the actress rumored to have had an experience out of the ordinary by recording the first season of the project in February last. It must be said that King Street is not a sitcom like any other. French canadian Adaptation of a format in German entitled Schiller’s Street, the series puts its performers to the test. These have no text on which to rely. No repeat no longer. They play the scenes once before the public in following the guidelines as a “master of the game” (Stéphane Bellavance) their book in the headset.

“For filming tv normal, you can prepare. You learn your lines. You know what costumes to put on. But on King Street, it is surprise, surprise. At times, when you end a scene, people are like : “Go into the lodge. Something awaits you”. And two minutes after, you come away with pajamas in pink neon. I had never experienced this before.

“German producer came to see us before it starts to turn. She had informed us : “You are going to get out of the episode as if you were coming out of a washing machine. It brews from all sides. You don’t understand !” She was right, and it is amazing time ! ”

Teacher at roommate

In King Street, Marie-Eve Morency embodies a student who rents a shared apartment with his best friend (Pier-Luc Funk), and a lawyer, career change (Sophie Cadieux). The actress has secured the role last November after receiving a call “gift from heaven” from the producer to the content of the project, Vincent Bolduc. She felt immediately in confidence.

“I have a lot of respect for Vincent and Sophie. And Pier-Luc, this is my oldest partner improv. I knew him when he was 9 years old. I also taught at the school of theatre of the Vieux Saint-Eustache. I was his teacher ! I was 19 years old. ”

Click comic

Marie-Eve Morency has understood that she had a gift for comedy in college. She knew she wanted to become an actress for several years, but she believed that she was destined to play dramatic characters. The turning point came during his first matches of improvisation at the Collège Lionel-Groulx in Sainte-Thérèse.

“I love to play and I love to write business funny, says the graduate of the École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQAM. For the past few weeks, I get messages from people who are : “Hey, I work in a ltc facility, and when I get home at night, I look a little King Street. You are like my dessert. It’s good for you”. If it is just that, my small mission on earth, to change the ideas of the world, make them happy for a moment, it is perfect for me. ”

Forced break, but appreciated

Player regular in two leagues improvisation (LNI and LIM), Marie-Eve Morency bored “disgustingly” evenings of improv, all the more that due to the coronavirus, it is not known when they can resume their activities.

She took advantage of the confinement to recharge his batteries after three years in charge, including two seasons of Sapiens to Radio-Canada, a summer theatre and toured improvisation in Europe.

“I look forward to it going, but I have to say that this little break has not done me harm so far. I feel that I will emerge stronger and rested. ”

Of course, Marie-Eve Morency is concerned about ” the post-COVID-19 “, but instead of distressing, it occupies the mind while jogging, and puzzles.

“I want this pandemic to change something for real. This downtime is necessary. Mother Nature sends to us to reflect it in our room. If we think about it just five minutes, she has not learned the lesson of pantoute. “

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