The rich and famous: the winners “Forbes” by 2020, 10 artists

Riches et célèbres: le palmarès «Forbes» 2020 en 10 artistes

With the stars of the entertainment, it is necessary to speak in million us$. If their income will drastically drop this year because of the COVID-19, several can console themselves by looking at their new crop, as reported by the magazine “Forbes”.

A woman in power

The empire of the clan Kardashian-Jenner is solid. The money flows. If Kim Kardashian-West does not have to be ashamed of its $ 49.5 million (48th rank), it is not possible to compare its financial success to the mirobolante sum of $ 540 million (ranked first) which now belongs to her sister, Kylie Jenner. The star of reality tv and Instagram has wisely sold 51 % of his shares of the company Kyle Cosmetics in January 2019, thus ensuring himself a nice little nest-egg, and the first step in the prestigious ranking “Forbes”.

The star of the rap

Jay-Z (53.5 million, 42nd overall) has often been that that rappers have wanted to dethrone him at the time of peak sales and earnings. However, when one speaks of big money, many have done better than him in the last 12 months. By contrast, Post Malone ($60 million, 20th place) and Sean Combs ($55 million, 32nd place) have been able to do anything against Kanye West ($170 million, ranks second). Through his shoes, Yeezy, Kim Kardashian is now a billionaire.

At the top of the box office

They are several of the filmmakers to generate a genuine buzz with their productions where the special effects are ringing the cash counters. But more than any other, a man of cinema puts full pockets: the American Tyler Perry. Found in front of and behind the camera, the creator of the franchise comedy “Madea” knows how to do handsomely laughter to his audience that makes him extremely well, as evidenced by the $ 97 million (sixth place) added to his fortune.

The king of the waves

The controversial Howard Stern ($90 million, the eighth level) has no language in his pocket. Especially at the micro entrusted to it by the radio channel on SiriusXM. Financially, it is big! For a period of five years (ending in 2020), the most recent agreement signed by the U.s. with the employer is estimated at $ 400 million. Not surprising that one who has even had his own movie, “private Parts” in 1997 – be the best paid of his profession.

The queen of tv

For a long time, the spotlight of the small screen american have been trained on Oprah Winfrey ($37 million, 91st rank), the one that we had qualified, rightly, “the queen of the tv”. Today, another famous moderator is still better than it: the dynamic Ellen DeGeneres. Master of his own talk show and a game called “thus, ellen s Game of Games”, the comedy star, who has pocketed $ 84 million (rank 12th) has done really well to focus its efforts in front of the camera and not on stage.

The novelist’s number one

This is the american writer James Patterson, that we must the character of the inspector Alex Cross, appeared in the early 1990s. The prolific author connects the books for nearly 30 years, making each release an event. Its revenues of $ 80 million give him the 15th spot of the charts, he has sold nearly five million copies in the last 12 months. Even J. K. Rowling ($60 million, 28th place) must bow to this popularity.

The first Canadian

Ahead of the singer Shawn Mendes (54.5 million $), rapper Drake ($49 million), and the interpreter Celine Dion ($42 million), an actor well-known can boast of being the Canadian who has the most enriched in the last year: Ryan Reynolds. The one who lends her traits to the inimitable Deadpool in the movie and that is one of the sexiest men of the planet will peak in the 18th level of the charts with $ 71.5 million in its pockets.

The revelation

Billie Eilish has created a real jerk with her hit “Bad Guy”. At only 18 years old, the american singer is the youngest of this top of the well-heeled, carrying a bold entry, settling on the 43rd running with income of $ 53 million. A total greater than that of sisters, whose reputation is more to do, as we think of Jennifer Lopez ($47.5 million), Pink ($47 million) and Rihanna ($46 million), among others. The future looks bright!

The surprise

Mistakenly, we believed lost in a distant musical past. Yet, the Backstreet Boys proved that they still knew how to rally the crowds, raking in $ 45 million (64th rank), thanks to the second tour the most lucrative of their careers. Not only have they done better than the very experienced and The Eagles ($41 million), Bon Jovi ($38 million) and U2 ($38 million), but they heated the young training of south Korean BTS ($50 million). A return to Brian, Nick, Kevin, A. J. and Howie!

Soon octogenarian

Although he is approaching 80 years old and he has a fortune that nearly all the world envy, Sir Paul McCartney has no intention of retiring. It’s just as well, because its loyal horde of fans following him with keen interest. In fact, the former member of the Fab Four has garnished his bank account of $ 37 million (91st place), in which the solo shows have been synonymous for more than $ 100 million in sales at the counters.

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