The rich man gave millions of former villagers

Богач раздал миллионы бывшим односельчанам

He did not skimp.

During the celebration of the year of the Pig according to Oriental calendar, the head of the Corporation Xinjiang Tiandi Group Zheng Daqing, visited his village and gave the locals gifts to millions of yuan, reports the with reference for Today.

A curious incident occurred on the 6th of February, Wednesday. The rich man came to the village, Dentico (Sichuan province, China) on the helicopter to be in a small country at least a few days. All this time the businessman met with the villagers and gifts to residents who have reached the age of 50. Zheng has distributed around nine million yuan (about 36 million) in cash, and gave fellow household appliances, including air conditioners, television sets and refrigerators, in the amount of three million Renminbi (about 12 million).

It is reported that Daqing was born in a poor rural family in 1959. After school he served in the army and returned to his parents ‘ farm. In 1985, he went to Urumqi with the Luggage from one of the old blankets and a few coins in the wallet. Ten years later he founded the company. Now part of the Corporation Zheng 16 subsidiaries in energy, construction and other. In 2005, he took 146 place in the ranking of the richest Chinese according to Forbes, but by 2008, dropped to 339 place.

Богач раздал миллионы бывшим односельчанам

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