The richest basketball player in the world earns more than two dollars and a half per second…

Самый богатый баскетболист мира зарабатывает более двух с половиной долларов… в секунду

Forbes magazine published a rating of the richest players in the National basketball Association (NBA). It was headed by 33-year-old striker “Cleveland” LeBron James (pictured), the total income of which amounts to 85 million 300 thousand dollars a year (which is about 2.7 dollars… per second). It is noted that the salary of a basketball player at the club is 33 million 300 thousand, the rest of the profit is 52 million, three — time NBA champion receives from advertising contracts.

Second and third places in the rich list went to the representatives of last year’s winner of the NBA “Golden state” — point guard Stephen Curry (76 million 700 thousand dollars) and forward Kevin Durant (58 million).

Also in the top ten consisted of the following players:

4. James harden (Houston) — 48 million 300 thousand;

5. Russell Westbrook (“Oklahoma”) — 47 million 500 thousand;

6. Damian Lillard (Portland) — 40 million 200 thousand;

7-8. Blake Griffin (Detroit) — 35 million 500 thousand;

7-8. Giannis antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) — 35 million 500 thousand;

9. Carmelo Anthony (“Oklahoma”) — 33 million 200 thousand;

10. Anthony Davis (“new Orleans”) — 32 million 700 thousand.

I note that “Cleveland”, James went to the Eastern conference finals. After two away matches against the “Boston” wards of Tyrone Lew inferior in a series — 0:2.

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