The rise in construction costs of the future Nîmes Congress Center is causing teeth to cringe

The rise in construction costs of the future Nîmes Congress Center is causing teeth to cringe

Le coût du chantier du futur Palais des congrès H2 augmente de plus de 3 M€. Midi Libre – Y. B.

Le conseil municipal de samedi 6 juillet a adopté la revalorisation de l'autorisation de programme pour le futur Palais des congrès.

Without much surprise, the revaluation of the program authorization of the Palais des Congrès was adopted this Saturday, July 6, by the elected representatives of the municipal council, despite opposition in the ranks of the left (four votes against and as many abstentions).

Pascal Gourdel, finance assistant, justified the new amount, a little more than 56.3 M€ all taxes included, an increase of nearly 5.91% (more than 3.3 million euros in fact), due to the soaring construction costs: "Steel and concrete prices have increased by more than 20%. […] We hope to receive help from our partners. It’is an investment, an economic development development project, added value for the city."

The construction site is not experiencing any setbacks and Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier recalled that the opening of the H2 convention center was still set for October 2025. In the ranks of the opposition, the National Rally voted in favor of this revaluation, with elected official Thierry Jacob citing the attractiveness and economic development of this project.

This will weigh on the city's investment spending

Vincent Bouget (French Communist Party) recalled his questions about the opportunity to bring such a project to fruition: "There is, unsurprisingly, an increase of more than 3 M€, which will further weigh on the city’s investment spending. This is so much money that will not be used elsewhere. We have to do it since the building is coming out of the ground. We can wonder if next year we will not experience a further increase in costs. Will only the City support it or will the Aggloo put its hand in its pocket?”

The mayor immediately called out to the PCF elected official: "Or the Department ?&quot ;, to make it clear that he was expecting help from the Gard departmental council, where Vincent Bouget also sits.

Other council files

Additional budget

The supplementary budget, which allows during the financial year to rebalance the forecasts of the original budget and to integrate the forecasts The results of the previous year, was on the menu of the municipal council this Saturday morning. Nés elected officials voted authorization of transfers and openings of appropriations to balance the main budget height of 47.6 M€ in the investment section and 17.2 M€ in operating section.

The Family Pass is evolving

Nîmois residents can benefit from personalized rates based on their resources for ten years thanks to the Pass Family. It evolves with the automation of the renewal of the Family Pass upon consent of the user thanks to an application programming interface à the General Directorate of Public Finances.

According to the City, this allows access to tax data without families having to return supporting documents each year. A new portal makes it possible to facilitate access conditions and the harmonization of the user's journey in their registration procedures for pé activities ;eacute;ri and extracurriculars.

Noise pollution control plan

The City adoptedé its Environmental Noise Prevention Plan for the period 2024-2029, in conjunction with the State. She placed emphasis on highly exposed areas such as boulevard Allende, rue Guizot, route d’Avignon, the surroundings of the future conference center, the proximity of certain schools in the city center and the protection of quiet areas such as the Esplanade Feuchères and Jardins de la Fontaine. We are talking about increasing the number of cycle paths and parks. bikes.

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