The robot collected a Rubik’s cube for the fantastic time: video

Artificial intelligence DeepCubeA solves the task of solving Rubik’s cube in just 20 moves

Evgeniy Opanasenko

19 July, 07:47

Робот собрал кубик Рубика за фантастическое время: видео

The robot “knows” 10 billion ways to build the puzzle

How much time is needed to gather popular all over the world Rubik’s cube? No matter how long it takes, because the robot controlled by artificial intelligence, solves this challenge for a fantastic 20 moves and in just 1.2 seconds is superhuman abilities.

See also the story of how the student has set a new record for the collection of Rubik’s cube:

Researchers from the University of California in Irvine have programmed a machine learning algorithm that can solve the most tempting of all human mysteries in less than a second. The algorithm is called DeepCubeA is a system of “deep learning”, she is able to find solutions in a very short time.

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Researchers DeepCubeA, due to the large number of practice and training could teach an artificial intelligence to solve the cube in a matter of seconds. On average, the best professionals Assembly puzzle takes about 50 moves, whereas DeepCubeA solves the problem in just 20 moves. The fact that artificial intelligence “knows” 10 billion ways to build a Rubik’s cube.

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It should be noted that the speed of the Assembly is not a record, as the lead for speed belongs to engineers Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo, who designed the robot that collects the Rubik’s cube in 0,38 seconds, but even he needs to make 28 moves.

We will remind that earlier artificial intelligence failed school tests, being stupid schoolboy. And recently, the robot generated the image “brainwash” people.

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