The rooms attempt the shot at 250 people

Des salles tentent le coup à 250 personnes

Rachid Badouri, Michel Barrette, Annie Villeneuve and Nathalie Simard are among the dozens of artists who come up on the scene of a score of theaters, who have come together to confront the pandemic.

The organizers have given the project the name of Here-now and the goal is to offer high performances, temporary, or time that will last the health measures put in place to counteract the spread of the coronavirus.

Among the venues that responded to the call, there is the Zenith, Saint-Eustache, who has already announced a programming featuring a dozen artists. Others will follow.

The salle Albert-Rousseau Quebec city, the Vieux-Clocher of Magog, the salle J. Antonio-Thompson in Trois-Rivières and a couple of other halls in the province have joined the movement and will be able to pick from among the 160 artistic proposals that have been submitted.

Among these, there are several artists of the song, but also of other theatre and dance who are finding ways to adapt their projects to the restrictions.

“This is not an exclusive club. Everyone who wants to join the movement can do that, broadcasters, like artists,” notes the agent shows Jean-François Renaud, who acts as spokesperson for the grouping.

At a lower cost

The performances will be adapted to ensure that nobody is wasting money, ” says Mr. Renaud.

“The shows are lighter, often there will be no decor and the rooms are going to make a lighting plan that will serve all of the shows. There are federal grants that also help. This may not be something with which we are going to make money, but you will lose less than in this period of time, do not operate at all.”

The goal, says Jean-François Renaud, is to recreate the link between the artists and the public. “The more you will wait a long time, most people will be fearful”, he believes.

The new measures

Since Monday, up to 250 people can meet in a public place, such as theatre, cinema or theatre.

  • Show with the crowd standing : respect a distance of two metres and carry the cover face.
  • Show with crowd assisi : respect a distance of one meter and a half, except for people from the same household. The cover face must be worn when traveling, but can be removed when seated.

Some shows offered this fall

Orchestre symphonique de Québec

  • August 5 at Grand Théâtre de Québec

Rachid Badouri

  • 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 and August 15, at the Zenith in Saint-Eustache
  • August 22 at The Star Bank National Brossard

Side project with Sam Breton, Maude Landry and Jo Cormier

  • August 14, at The Star Bank National Brossard

Side project with Michelle Desrochers, Guillaume Pineault and Sam Breton

  • 15 August at The Star Bank National Brossard

Side project with Guillaume Pineault, Maude Landry and Sam Breton

  • 22 August-the peak of Saint-Eustache

Michel Barrette

  • August 21, at the Zenith in Saint-Eustache

Matt Holubowski

  • August 25, at the Zenith in Saint-Eustache

Katherine Levac and Rosalie Vaillancourt

  • 29 August-the peak of Saint-Eustache

Nathalie Simard

  • August 30 at the Zenith in Saint-Eustache

Martin Perizzolo

  • September 1, at the Zenith in Saint-Eustache

Pierre-Bruno Rivard

  • September 25, Imperial Bell Quebec city

The Beatles Acoustic

  • 8 and 9 October at the Imperial Bell Quebec city
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