The Round: no refund for the customers

La Ronde: pas de remboursement pour les clients

MONTREAL | passport holders-season 2020 for The Round will not be able to have a full refund despite the pandemic, which is not the happiness of several regulars on the rides of the island of St. Helena.

The company owner of La Ronde, Six Flags, explained by e-mail to its clients that the only options are to get a pro-rated refund of the days missed due to the delay of the opening, or see them in the summer of 2021.

Recall that the re-opening date of The Round is still not known, and that customers will have to book the day that they want to reach the amusement park once it is opened.

Some regulars prefer to not venture out there this summer having regard to the exceptional circumstances and would like to get back their money. “For sure I would like it to be refunded. As with the history of the appointment, it gets complicated,” explained Maggie Candle of Laval, who had bought the two passports-season to occupy his teens this summer.

“I don’t go out from the containment so that no one catches the virus then it is certain that I do not want to go to La Ronde with my daughter no more. Then, I lose my money. I had three passports for me, my husband and my daughter”, said Karine Dumont, of Montreal, who had bought the passes chiefly for his three-year old daughter.

For Marilyne Lavoie, of Montreal, the choice should be at least offered to customers. “Personally, it doesn’t bother me, because I take my pass every year,” she added.

Lourdes Velasquez, of Montreal, is unfair not to be sure that it will be able to be present when she and her boyfriend wish, while it is not known when it will leave. She gets the pass for several years.

“Everyone has a right to their choice, they can’t make me go and lose my password because they don’t want to repay”, she said.

Questioned whether it was possible to offer a full refund when a customer makes the request, the officer of Six Flags, Karina Thevenin has not given a clear answer. “The holders will also receive additional benefits, valid for the next season”, one can read in an email, in which the options for a partial refund or carry-over days are also mentioned.

The company Six Flags is awaiting approval from the public Health before re-opening The Round.

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