The route of migrants: the worst ordeal of their lives

The migrants' route: the worst ordeal of their lives

and Pascal Dugas Bourdon MISE À DAY

  • First names: Kingsley and Anthony
  • Age: 34 (Kingsley) – mid 30s (Anthony)
  • Nationality: Nigerian (Nigeria)
  • Place of departure : Brazil
  • Last known locations: Montreal, Canada (Kingsley) – California, USA (Anthony)

Since their departure from Nigeria in 2015, Anthony and Kingsley dreamed of settling in Quebec: Kingsley actually succeeded in July after a difficult trip.

And they were well aware of how to get in. 

“I saw on the internet that the place to enter Canada is 'call it Roxham Road, I think that's the right place to pass and enter,” Kingsley explained when met in Panama last spring.

After spending seven years in Brazil, it was last spring that they embarked on the pursuit of their dream of a life in Canada. 

On their way, Anthony and Kingsgley had to face the Darien, which they consider to be the worst test of their lives. According to them, no one can be ready to face this jungle. 

Anthony traveled to California rather than Canada like his friend.

They warn their neighbor: “you might see dead bodies on your way, forget Kingsley. You spend five to six days in the jungle, you climb so many mountains and you cross so many streams.” 

“Pregnant women lose their babies, many people break a leg,” Anthony adds. The migrant route: the worst ordeal of their life “The route of migrants: the worst ordeal of their lives” />


If nature is ruthless, humans are also the authors of horror scenes. The two friends report to the Investigation Office that criminal gangs are ready to harm, rape women or even line their pockets by snatching money and other valuables from migrants who have the misfortune. to cross their path. 

Kingsley is adamant: “If you can get through this jungle, you can survive anything.”