The rules are less respected in the Place of the Kingdom

Les règles de moins en moins respectées à la Place du Royaume

SAGUENAY – A month after the reopening of shopping malls, several customers continued Monday to abide by the guidelines of social distancing in the Place of the Kingdom, Saguenay, but some started to observe a release.

Pellets of direction on the ground, frequent washing of the hands, queues; the shopping experience is different to the mall, where instructions are clearly indicated are waiting for the visitors.

“Many people don’t follow the instructions. Only about 2% wear a mask”, was, however, entrusted with a client met by TVA News.

Over the lunch hour, many people find themselves in the restaurant area, where the rule of the two meters is often ignored in the queue, was able to see VAT News.

“Sometimes it is necessary to recall the instructions. One is in the area, and people think it is less important”, stressed Simon Turcotte, owner of Sports Experts in Chicoutimi.

Despite the many measures to be followed, the traders encountered by TVA News were unanimous: the business picks up, the shops are busy and sales are good.

According to Mr. Turcotte, the sales are a little slow, “that [their] medium-sized, but it’s going well. This is mainly due to the fact that we can’t let any customers in the shop.”

The customers have also changed their habits, have seen the dealers. People do not wander any more in the stores. When they arrive, they already know what they want to buy and leave immediately.

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