The Russians made a “nanny-Schwarzenegger”: actor not appreciated and filed a lawsuit for 10 million dollars

The Russian company Promobot has created a robot double of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 16:06

Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against a Russian manufacturer of robot Promobot for the repeated use of his image to promote the company. Hollywood actor will attempt to seize $ 10 million. Writes about this edition of TMZ.

Schwarzenegger argues that Promobot has created his robot counterpart who is able to speak and move his eyes, eyebrows and neck. This simulator baby-sitting, designed to monitor kids when parents aren’t home.

Promobot brought the robot on electronics show CES in Las Vegas in January 2020. After that, with the company supposedly contacted the lawyers for Schwarzenegger and asked not to use the image of the actor for display at public events. But the company still showed the robot DoppelgangeR a toy fair in new York. Thus in Promobot claim that there are no claims to them did not arrive.

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According to the web site Promobot, Robo-C costs about 25 thousand. dollars. It can be “made like any other man on Earth” and he “displays more than 600 expressions of a human face”.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – American bodybuilder, entrepreneur, actor, producer and politician of Austrian origin. The 38th Governor of California (was elected to this position in October 2003 and re-elected for a second term in 2006-m to year). Winner of several awards in bodybuilding, including seven-time title holder of “Mr. Olympia”. In the film most known for the role of Terminator T-800 series Terminator (1984-2019).

Earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger read a rap. The actor has recorded a collaboration with Austrian musician Andreas Gabali. In addition, “Today” reported in October 2019, the actor was urgently evacuated from his home in California.

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Россияне сделали "няню-Шварценеггера": актер не оценил и подал иск на 10 млн долларов

Россияне сделали "няню-Шварценеггера": актер не оценил и подал иск на 10 млн долларов

Россияне сделали "няню-Шварценеггера": актер не оценил и подал иск на 10 млн долларов

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