The Russians want to ban to bring into the country schoolchildren (and not only)

The Russians want to ban to bring into the country schoolchildren (and not only)

The proposal was made by the national meat Association by sending a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev.


Россиянам хотят запретить привозить в страну хамон и пармезан (и не только)

Россиянам хотят запретить привозить в страну хамон и пармезан (и не только)

The largest players in the meat market (the Association consists of companies Miratorg, Cherkizovo, “Remit” and “VELCOM”) proposed to prohibit the Russians to the importation of meat and dairy products from abroad, according to “Vedomosti”.

Industry representatives propose to prohibit private individuals to import meat and dairy products for personal use from other countries, to enhance control over Luggage and hand baggage at the border and to toughen punishment for illegal import of animal products. The exception proposed for infant formula and food.

According to them, with food from abroad can enter the pathogens of dangerous diseases that afflict animals. In particular because of this in recent years around the world spreading African swine fever (ASF). One of the channels of spread of the virus – anthropogenic, told “Vedomosti” head of the Association of Yushin. The virus can transfer travellers, and for the man himself, ASF is not dangerous. Plague could be spread by contact and through food waste – the virus gets to the landfill, is spread through the air, wild animals.

The only way to combat ASF is the complete destruction of livestock when a virus that causes huge losses for the business. All free from this virus in the country tightens punishment for smuggling of meat products Luggage.

Dairy products can also pose a hazard in the opinion of the authors of the letter, because not every cheese is prepared from pasteurized milk. They believe that it is in Russia could fall the causative agent of FMD.

Import of meat and dairy and other products from EU, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries, Russia has banned in 2014 in response to sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen and companies. However, for personal use, you can import up to 5 kg products of animal origin, it must be finished products in their original packaging, says the representative of the FCS.

The Ministry of agriculture and the Rosselkhoznadzor’s proposal to ban support, talking, the representative of the Ministry of agriculture and the Deputy head of Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolai Vlasov.

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