The sacred union to boost a “Pays Cœur d’Hérault” destination that has everything to please

The sacred union to boost a “Pays Cœur d’Hérault” destination that has everything to please

Joëlle Goudal, la propriétaire du Mas de Riri et maire de Celles, a accueilli les officiels au bord du lac. Midi Libre – ALAIN MENDEZ

The Country, its three intercommunal offices of Clermontais, Lodévois & Larzac and Vallée de l’Hérault and its three major sites make common cause to highlight the many assets of their territories.

While waiting to launch their respective seasons, the three tourist offices of Clermontais, Lodévois & Larzac and the Hérault Valley met this Friday, April 5, with their elected officials and managers and the teams from the three Grand Sites of the Gorges d’Hérault, Cirque de Navacelles and Salagou/Mourèze for the launch of the tourist season of the Pays Cœur d’Hérault 2024 destination.

It was there, at Mas de Riri in Celles, with Lake Salagou as a backdrop, that everyone affirmed their desire and the need to act together around the country to accentuate the attractiveness of ;an exceptional territory around its nuggets and an environment conducive to all outdoor activities.

An interest in playing on unity and complementarity

"This is a first step towards essential joint work. We need a real strategy to go further with the specificities of each person. All the ingredients are there, we still need to use them properly." summarizes Claude Carceller, president of the Pays Cœur d’Hérault tourism commission.
"There is a strong issue around tourism around our three major sites and our jewels. Despite our differences, our sometimes different approaches, we must be united to send back the strongest possible images of our territory"  Jean-François Soto had clarified before him. The president of the Country and the Hérault Valley played the card of unity and complementarity during speeches which allowed the elected officials of each territory to praise their respective strengths.

The sacred union to boost a “Pays Cœur d’Hérault” destination that has everything to please

The country's tourism team with the managers of the three offices. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

"Le Salagou has several entrances and the person who comes does not know if they are in Clermontais or in Lodévois" takes as an example Marie Passieux, the departmental councilor and president of the Union of the large site Salagou/Cirque de Mourèze ready to join the Cirque de Navacelles and Les Gorges d’Hérault in the list of Grand Site de France. "Labeling is imminent, its aim is not to increase attendance, but to better manage it."

"Making life easier for visitors"

"We must speak with the same voice, go beyond our borders for greater readability" confirm the vice-presidents Bernard Coste for the Clermontais accompanied by his president Claude Revel and Fadelha Benammar-Koly for Lodévois & Larzac. "For this we must play the local visitor card, offer packaged offers to make life easier for people and keep them with us a little longer. Because behind there is employment, economic benefits too."

If is aware of the shortages, in particular in accommodation, the Heart of Hérault intends to develop its specificities around outdoor activities, viticulture and agriculture which shape the landscapes, heritage, professions of d&rsquo ;arts, its events and cultural activities… Or geology with the Terres d’Hérault Geopark

"All this offers the possibility of four-season tourism" notes Jean finally -Louis Gély, deputy vice-president for tourism at the Department of Hérault. "We must seek coherence, exchange, sharing, it’s a good way of operating to offer the visitor not sports but courses. And here you have everything you need with a multitude of different landscapes."

Beautiful words accompanied by the presentation of a destination map to highlight an exceptional territory between the metropolises and conurbations of Montpellier and Béziers.

During her welcome remarks, Joëlle Goudal, owner of Mas de Riri and mayor of Celles, confirmed the annual and no longer seasonal opening of an emblematic and popular venue for visitors from Lake Salagou. I subscribe to read more

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