The sad end of a young bum of Laval

La triste fin d’un jeune bum de Laval

Authorities are investigating the recent death of a petty criminal who multiplied the escapades with his younger brother, to the point where both got tattoos “crime pay$” (the crime report) in large letters in the neck.

Kevin Denis, found dead at the beginning of may, is photographed during one of his many arrests. You can see his tattoo “Crime pay$” in the neck.

Known as ” the brothers Denis “, the two men accumulate crimes since their teenage years, without, however, demonstrate great ingenuity.

Despite their young age, they were sentenced to prison about twenty times in addition to being listed in the investigation reports to more than sixty times, according to our information.

Besides, when they hear the names of Kevin Denis, 26 years old, and Dylan Denis, 23 years old, the vast majority of police officers from laval up instinctively, eyes to the sky as they are infamous for their many stops.

The duo was a member of a street gang of allegiance red, but was at the bottom of the hierarchy, according to the information gathered by the police. But Denis seemed to take great pride in their mode of life, as evidenced by the conspicuous inscription tattooed on their neck.

Dylan Denis, the youngest, bears the same tattoo as his brother in the neck.

Possible overdose

Last month, the duo to the complicity unshakeable has undergone a dramatic end when Kevin Denis was found dead in the aftermath of a party at a buddy. The circumstances of his death remain to be clarified by the coroner assigned to the case.

The two brothers are filmed by security cameras during a robbery a few years ago.

One thing is for certain, when the band of friends went down to the end of the evening, Kevin Denis was still alive. They wake up, around 11 a.m. the next day, the young criminal was breathing more.

According to our sources, he would have died of a drug overdose, but authorities are keen to ensure that no criminal act is not related to the death.

It must be said that the past of the two brothers is heated. They had been the subject of a wide-ranging survey in 2014 when a series of thefts in schools.

A large number of laptops have been stolen by criminals in a secondary school of Laval.

Many objects, including laptop computers, had been stolen in secondary schools.

In 2017, Dylan has also been arrested for attempting to kill a teenage girl at metro Cartier. The girl, who is still living, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Denis had simply decided that he opened fire on a band of friends in order to avenge a member of his family.

Then, in September 2019, Kevin Denis was his turn to be the victim of a murder attempt while he was driving.

Shot in the shoulder, the young man had gone to the police station to ask for help. The alleged murderer, Ralph Junior Duval, was arrested two months later.

Some of the items stolen in a superstore by brothers Denis and found by the police of Laval.

Of the impulsive

“It is important not to glorify these two men,” said the inspector Karine Ménard of the intelligence division of the Service de police de Laval (SPL). We speak of a crime of opportunity, young people are rather disorganized and mostly impulsive. It is not at all in the vast organized crime. They always leave traces and can be found always. These are not bullies, far from it. “

Contacted by The Newspaper, the mother of the young men did not respond to our interview request.

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