The sad fate of migrants

The sad fate of migrants

MISE & Agrave; DAY

As long as greed and greed devour humanity, hundreds of thousands of migrants will go adrift or die …

< p> It is by the hundreds that they drown each year while trying to flee Africa to reach Europe. Children, sometimes pregnant women and men …

A few days ago, nearly 30 of them died after the sinking of their makeshift boat. They were trying to reach Great Britain by crossing the Channel. Children, sometimes pregnant women and men …

A cruel world

I don't watch these dramas with a goldfish memory … & nbsp;

And every time there is one that is reported on the news in the morning, noon or evening, it tells me Raymond Lévesque's lucid song always comes to mind …

“& nbsp; When men live on love,

There will be no more misery & nbsp;

And the beautiful days will begin & nbsp;

But we will be dead, my brother & nbsp;

When men live in love,

It will be peace on earth & nbsp;

The soldiers will be troubadours, & nbsp;

But we will be dead, my brother & nbsp;

In the great chain of life, & nbsp;

Where we had to go, & nbsp;

Where we had to be, & nbsp;

We will have had the wrong part & nbsp;

[…] But when men live on love, & nbsp;

That there will be no more misery

May -will they be thinking one day

Of us who will be dead, my brother & nbsp;

We who will have in bad days, & nbsp;

In hatred and then in war & nbsp;

Seek peace, seek love, & nbsp;

That they will know my brother then

In the great chain of life,

For there to be a better time & nbsp;

It always takes some losers, & nbsp;

Wisdom here below is the price … “

Leaving …

You don't always leave your native land with a happy heart … Data says that international migrants now represent around 3% of the world's population, or nearly 214 million human beings. Twenty years ago, they numbered 150 million.

They flee toxic environments that prevent them from thriving.

“We must tackle the problem at the source!” We must kick out their despots incapable of good governance and the situation will improve “, a former colleague of the National Assembly told me. This is neither easy nor for want of trying through democratic channels. In short, it is an impasse.

In several African countries, for example, it is an impasse because the despots are themselves hostages of their own greed and that of the international oligarchs who invest in these countries, often with the complicity of their respective governments.

Despots are a guarantee of stability for the smooth running of business … Therefore, maintaining the status quo is proving to be to be the ideal option for the vast majority of multinationals.

Consequently, the prospects for the development of local populations are rather weak. In the face of despair, they are legion to take the risk of going to see if the grass is greener elsewhere … Where they are not always welcome.

To meditate while listening to Raymond Lévesque.

The sad fate of migrants

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