The Safeguard App to Prevent Food Waste: “When I was young, it was unacceptable to waste”

The backup app to prevent food waste: & lquo; When I & rsquo; & was young, it was unacceptable to waste & rdquo;

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As a child, it was unthinkable for Johny Saliby, who grew up in a family in the Middle East, to throw away still edible food. Faced with the scale of food waste in the country, he had the idea of ​​launching the Safeguard application to counter this scourge, which is as harmful to the economy as it is to the planet.

Launched on September 1 in Montreal, the Safeguard application aims to fight food waste, reduce the carbon footprint and limit business losses.

“When I was young, we couldn't not wasting food, it was not acceptable, says Johny Saliby, in an interview at 24 heures . I had the idea to fight food waste several years ago because it is one of the easiest ways to fight climate change. ”

The motivation of the entrepreneur was renewed last year, with the birth of her first child.

“The arrival of my daughter changed my perspective a lot and I wanted to have a positive impact for the environment and for the future of our children.”

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More than 100 participating companies & nbsp;

The application allows participating retailers – restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores – to sell their surplus food to individuals at a lower cost. & Nbsp;

< p> “It's a win-win model. It limits the company's losses, it allows consumers to save money by buying food at reduced prices that are still very good and it limits the carbon footprint from an environmental point of view, ”explains Johny Saliby./p>

In addition to individual products, the app offers the option of 'surprise baskets', which collect perishable products that need to be liquidated, ugly foods or just less popular products of the company's choice.

Registration for Backup is free, both for individuals and companies. A commission is charged on products sold to cover transaction costs.

About 100 companies have signed up for Safeguard, which launched last September. For the moment, the service is only offered in Montreal and Quebec. However, the company wants to extend its offer to all of Quebec by next year and to the rest of Canada within four to five years.

Canada, champion of waste & nbsp;

Every year, food waste in the country causes losses estimated at $ 31 billion, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ).

The saddest thing about it: 63% of the food thrown away by Canadians could have been consumed, reveals research conducted by the National Zero Waste Council in 2017. And all this waste has a cost: 1,100 $ annually on average per household. & nbsp;

But households are not the only ones to blame, since 53% of wasted materials come directly from retail, agriculture, catering and hospitality, among other industries. & nbsp;

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