The saga of the pyrrhotite continues in Mauricie

La saga de la pyrrhotite se poursuit en Mauricie

THREE-RIVERS | insurers of SNC-Lavalin group say they could be forced to return to seek money in the pockets of the victims of pyrrhotite if they do not have any additional time to pay their share of the 210 million $ that they are due.

Insurers have hammered this argument in front of justice Dominique Bélanger of the court of appeal, on Monday, by viscioconférence.

SNC-Lavalin has been found guilty of 70% of the 210 million $ of damage caused to the houses of the 857 plaintiffs in the first trial of the pyrrhotite, a mineral that crack the concrete.

The firm is now asking the supreme Court to review the sharing of responsibilities.

However, the insurers argue now that if the percentage was lowered, they may have too pay compensation to the victims.

“It would clearly be unjust to weigh this sword of Damocles above the head of the [victims], to know that they could find themselves in a situation where they would have to reimburse the insurers of the CNS “, has mentioned to Me, Gabriel Lefebvre, who represents the insurer Lloyd.

As the lawyer of the victims counsel for SNC-Lavalin have recalled that the insurers could simply ask for the balance to SNC-Lavalin.

“There’s nobody who is going to make me increase that insurers will begin to run after the seekers. It is clear that they will make a request to SNC-Lavalin, ” summarized the lawyer of the firm, Mario Welsh.

Recall that this saga began a dozen years ago, when first-home-owners, built at the turn of the 2000s, have found that their foundations cracked.

Financial difficulties?

The lawyers for the insurers have also left doubt on the financial health of SNC-Lavalin.

“There was an allegation, an admission of the court in one of their procedures, difficulties in connection with the covid” has mentioned to Me Ruth Veilleux, who represents Zurich insurance.

Pierre Soucy, who represents the victims, has not impressed either.

“SNC-Lavalin, which is a public company, has released the may 7, 2020, that it had 2.1 billion of available cash, in addition to a billion $ in the credit facility. And this is after the covid, Madam judge! “, he launched.

Judge Dominique Bélanger will try to make a decision by Friday. The amounts are usually payable by July 13, if there are no further delays.

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