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The Sags taste the medicine of the Phoenix

Sags taste Phoenix medicine< /p> UPDATE DAY

After resting up over the holidays, the Chicoutimi Saguenéens quickly came down to earth against the mighty Phoenix in Sherbrooke on Wednesday night.

The Sags suffered a tough setback of 7 to 1 against the representatives of Estrie, at the Palais des sports Léopold-Drolet. Yanick Jean's men came up against a Phœnix in great shape despite the absences of Joshua Roy, Tyson Hinds, David Spack and head coach Stéphane Julien, all at the 2023 World Junior Hockey Championship.

< p>“We couldn't make mistakes against this kind of club, and we made way too many,” summed up Saguenéens head coach Yanick Jean.

False start for Cloutier

One of Jean's most recent acquisitions, goalkeeper Philippe Cloutier, tried somehow to fend off the Phoenix attacks. On his first shot received in a Saguenean uniform, he flinched in front of Justin Gill on a breakaway. 

The latter scored his second goal of the game a little later.

Ethan Gauthier imitated his teammate with a brace. Israel Mianscum, Jaheem Lagacé and Milo Roelens also beat the 19-year-old goalkeeper.

New arrivals with little influence

The other two newcomers to the Blueberries , Thomas Desruisseaux and Édouard Carrier, were also in uniform. Like most of their comrades, the two players couldn't find a way to show off.

The visitors didn't want to give up, taking advantage of the success of Zachary Gravel in the middle of the first third. However, the power of the premises and the loss of Émile Duquet weighed in the balance. Chicoutimi's number 19 left the game after being hit hard in the second period.

After a hectic holiday break, Marc-André Gaudet had two firsts in his team's victory. In addition to making his debut with the Sherbrooke Phoenix, the St. Louis Blues prospect faced his former Saguenay teammates.

The Sags will stop in Drummondville to face the Voltigeurs , Thursday evening.

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