The Saint-Affricains of the RCSA end their Federal 3 season with a 29-15 defeat in Sigean

The Saint-Affricains of the RCSA end their Federal 3 season with a 29-15 defeat in Sigean

Les Saint Affricains ont manqué de motivation pour rivaliser. Midi Libre – M.DURAND

Ce dimanche 7 avril les Saint Affricains se sont inclinés face à des Héraultais plus motivés.

For its last match of the season, the RCSA failed to win in Sigean among the penultimate in the group. A defeat which can be explained by the context between a team which could no longer qualify for the final stages and a Hérault team which wanted to leave the federal 3 on a positive note for &quot ;prepare in the best possible way" for your next season. 

Guillaume Bouissou agrees: "our players were demotivated. we knew we had nothing more to gain. This brought everyone to a halt. In fact, they were more motivated than us. Envy was on their side." The Saint Affricains started the game well by scoring first by J Balmefrezol after several attempts at carried balls. The reaction of the Hérault residents was immediate: a penalty from A Iniesta and subsequently a try from center P Martinez allowed them to take the advantage 10 to 5. A score which will not change until the end. at the break.

Last match for the Saint-Affrique coach

Everything was still possible for the Saint Affricains who against the wind decided to play all the penalties manually. A try from Hérault second line B Berge allowed his team to get a first break (17-5). "We exposed ourselves to counterattacks" regrets the coach. The yellow and blue subsequently managed to score two tries by M Ducros and L Ferrero. The lack of success in the bar shooting somewhat slowed down the rise in the score. Especially since opposite a double from winger S Calmet reinforced the advance of the Héraultais who finally won 29 to 15.

A match of no consequence for the two clubs and which will be the last for Guillaume Bouissou as coach of the club, the latter wants to take a step back from the field. "After three years as a coach, it is necessary for me to stop because I am running out of time"& nbsp;indicates the coach who assures "that he will be there to lend a helping hand as a volunteer when necessary&quot ; and which highlights "the positive evolution of the team which played for the qualifications this season."

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