The salons are ready to receive their clients

Les salons sont prêts à recevoir leurs clients

For many Quebecers, the 1st of June, is a date that was awaited with great anticipation: it is tomorrow as hairdressing and aesthetics will be able to accommodate new clients.

But for the owners of salons, it’s all a puzzle. This is the case the hair salon studio W, located in Levis.

“All of the staff will not work at the same time. I made a choice of safety for my employees,” explained the owner of the salon, Wendy Keating, in an interview with TVA News.

“We will work in two teams separated, in seven days. Therefore, we will have a team of the beginning of the week and a team of end-of-week, to avoid crossing as much as possible during the week,” added Ms Keating.

“And if, unfortunately, we had a case of COVID in our team, we will be able to continue to ride at 50% of our workforce. I think it was the best choice to be able to cope with the situation at the present time,” continued the owner of the Studios W.

Mask mandatory

The re-opening of hairdressing salons and beauty comes with a host of new safety rules to protect employees and customers.

“The mask will be mandatory for the customers. We here at Studio W, we made this choice here because we had a lot of measures that were proposed by the CNESST. It was decided not to purchase disposable gowns because this is not very eco-friendly and it is an extra cost to the customer. People are being asked to wear the mask and we are going to change our aprons and wash our hands up to the elbows in between each client. Like that you will be okay and we will be able to meet the standards,” said Ms. Keating.

Measures that result in costs

The new safety rules entail additional costs for many businesses. Hairdressing salons are no different.

“We are going to have an increase which is in direct link with all the sanitary measures that are imposed on us, the costs of cleaners. Then, one can not take so many clients at the same time. One is obliged to do, say, four, five customers per day, per hairdresser. So yes, a fee is connected to it, and this is not to go search for what we haven’t won in the last two months! It, it is lost anyway, but we will in that sense to be able to continue to maintain a good service and stay open, too,” said the salon owner.

In view of the reopening, Wendy Keating and his team have tested the new measures on Sunday.

“For me, my team is super important to me and this situation is anxiety-provoking for us, the hairdressers. I felt my team a bit feverish with all the arrival of the new measures. So this morning, we came and we did a practice between us for how we embrace the customer,” said Ms. Keating.

Beauty Salons

The beauty salons that are located outside of Greater Montreal will also be able to reopen their doors as soon as Monday. And they will also have to adapt to a new reality.

“All care will resume : facials, massage therapy, poses eyelashes, hair removal, nail care,” explained Andrea Bedard from the Institut Andréa Bédard in Stoneham.

“I’m going to leave 15 minutes between each client to ensure that clients do not have to intersect. I will then do the disinfection of the room in full,” said Ms. Bédard.

For some care, wearing a mask is impossible. “When the client will not be able to wear a mask, such as for hair removal on the face, a facial or a massage, I am going to have my visor,” said the owner of the Institute, Andrea Bedard.

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