The scandal of the hospital in Exactly: fresh details. Video

Скандал вокруг роддома в Ровно: свежие подробности. Видео

The couple accused in the death of the firstborn of doctors.In the Rivne region, the couple blamed doctors for the death of her first child.

The child suffocated during childbirth, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Wife out of town Berezne, Rivne region Natalia and Roman Tsaruk spoke about the incident.

“She pulled the child, he didn’t scream – he was already dead,” the woman said.

“Here is the death certificate of our child, which we expected,” added her husband.

Everything happened in his eyes, because the novel was present at birth.

He said that he brought his wife to the hospital around 8:00 in the morning. In 15:00 Natalie asked doctors to do a C-section.

“They said that it is impossible that I face, what we write, you can’t just give birth, you have no power,” he told her.

The mother was put on a drip and told to wait on, and after 21:00 rushed into surgery. Natalia couldn’t have one.

“Then she took a vacuum to pull a child, twice she failed,” recalls the mother.

“The third time says: I’m not going to take, because already the skin off a baby’s head. It seems to me that tore, ripped all there in the head,” said Roman.

According to the couple, did the head of the hospital Elina Poddubnaya. She apologized to the family, but the guilt and colleagues denies. Told that the pregnancy the woman has passed well, and the child died due to severe oxygen starvation during birth.

“The doctors did everything they could to be good. It is not always possible to do so, that was good, unfortunately. Caesarean section is done according to the indications and it is not always done when we wanted,” explains head of the maternity Department of district hospital Bereznovskoy Elina Poddubnaya.

The hospital had already started an internal investigation.

The police opened proceedings for improper performance of duties by physicians.

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