The scandal surrounding film Stus: the authors will return to the stage

Скандал вокруг фильма Стус: авторы вернут сцену

Frames with Medvedchuk was cut, not to become a “political tool,” explained the crew.

In Ukraine scandal around the film about the poet-dissident Vasyl stone due to a cut scene with Viktor Medvedchuk, who in 1980 was the lawyer of the writer.

The active discussion of the film Stus in social media responded to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“I charge the leadership of the Ministry of culture and the state in the shortest possible time to collect the filmmakers and the public to understand and to do everything possible to tape the story… Vasyl Stus was spoken honestly, truthfully, completely and without distortion,” wrote he in Facebook.

Скандал вокруг фильма Стус: авторы вернут сцену

Film Stus /

Soon the crew of the ribbon, said that under public pressure and criticism in social networks made the decision to shoot the scene of the trial of Stus in which a lawyer was Medvedchuk.

“The court scene has been removed from the latest draft of the script, along with another two dozen scenes. In particular, after a conversation with the son of the poet… in addition, knowing that the picture will be released in the midst of the election campaign, we didn’t want to do the memory of a great man a tool of political influences and arguments”, – explained the authors of the movie in Facebook.

In 2015, VA building of philological faculty of Donetsk national University dismantled bas Vasyl Stus.


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