The scandalous relationship between Canada and China

The scandalous relationship between Canada and China

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The documentary to be presented tonight by JE on China is ruthless: Canadian leaders have known for years that several Chinese companies established in Canada pose a serious threat to the security of the country. And yet, not only do our leaders do nothing, but they also promote the expansion of these Chinese companies in Canada.

Extreme naivety? Filthy incompetence? Lure of profits ? Treason ? Choose your explanation. What is certain is that the problem posed by the Huawei company illustrates very well the dangers that China poses to Canada.

Huawei is a successful company, partly because it most likely stole technology from the Canadian company Nortel. Nortel who was naive to believe that Huawei was playing fair.

The Chinese government is telling anyone who wants to listen that it does not control the Huawei company. It's true. But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has brought Huawei under its control.

Communist control

This control of the CCP is carried out through Party members who are placed in key positions in the company. Not only on the board of directors, but also at all levels of management. The CCP controls all Chinese organizations, public or private, that are of the least importance in the same way.

And Party members can engage in espionage activities if the CCP asks them to. Worse, Chinese laws force all Chinese citizens to spy for China, if the government asks them to.

Under these conditions, non-Chinese companies that do business with Huawei do so on their own. risks and perils.

Why hesitate?

All this information is well known to those interested in Chinese politics.

< p> But then, if this information is known, why is the government of Justin Trudeau still hesitant to sever relations between Canada and Huawei?

The answer could lie in contacts between certain senior political leaders, both Liberal and Conservative, and prestigious Canadian companies which have invested heavily in China. But these people forget that the interests of Canada outweigh the individual interests of these companies.

No hope for change

Until recently, there was still hope that the Chinese government would change its attitude. But Xi Jinping's consolidation of power has shattered any hope for change in the short or medium term. Ottawa in all kinds of areas.

Restricting relations with China as much as possible and therefore preventing Huawei from taking the 5G market in Canada will hurt. But less badly than the measures that China will impose on Canada in a few years, if our relations deepen and that the grip of China grows.

It is high time to kick Huawei and to other Chinese companies outside of Canada. In fact, it is scandalous that the Trudeau government's decision on Huawei is lagging behind for so long.

I returns tonight to the arrival of Huawei in Canada and the influence of this Chinese giant.

The scandalous relationship between Canada and China

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