The scandalous Tommy Cash will give a concert in Kiev: not all luck

Скандальный Tommy Cash даст концерт в Киеве: повезет не всем

Tommy Cash, photos

today, 05:45

Soon residents of the capital waiting for an unexpected surprise. Consequently, in February the capital of Ukraine will visit the popular rapper of the Baltic States Tommy Cash. Shocking and controversial hip-hop artist will perform at club Atlas.

As noted, this year for the famous singer, who is also called “the Dark Lord’s own postmodern myths”, which turned out to be quite productive. So, Tommy Cash, released two popular singles: Pussy Money and Weed Little Molly, the two on YouTube has collected more than 10 million views.

Скандальный Tommy Cash даст концерт в Киеве: повезет не всем

A screenshot from the clip Little Molly

In addition, the singer became the face of the French fashion magazine Antidote magazine Dazed introduced Tommy to 8th place in the list of 100 most important artists of 2018.

Note that on February 27 at 19:00 famous singer will give a concert at the club ATLAS.

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