The school at the heart of the teen world

L’école au cœur du monde des ados

Thousands of students of fifth secondary will come away with their degrees this week. They will not have a prom, it is boring, I agree. What is even more flat, it is clear that adolescents have been neglected in the educational system during the pandemic.

I hated being a teenager. I felt constantly in an in-between : too young to be fully free, but too old to accept to be restricted.

What motivated me to get up each morning, it was the idea of seeing my friends at school, go to my practice of theatre extracurricular activity or even to share with my teachers.

If, at the time, I was a private for 3 months to these valuable links, I would have sunk.

This is what the government has done to high school students, by announcing that their school would restart in September. It has prevented teens quebecers to benefit from relationships that are decisive for their development.

The lobsters need love

Stall, loneliness, dark thoughts : the consequences of the health crisis on the high school students have not been sufficiently taken into consideration.

He would have had to be more creative to find ways to bring them back to school, at least part-time.

The minister of Education would he have forgotten the importance of the social safety net that brings the school to people who pass through this tumultuous period of their life ? Would he have forgotten what it is like to be ado ?

The French psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto, compared the teens to the molting of the lobsters. When these crustaceans change their shells, they find themselves without protection. During the transition, they are more fragile.

It is essential to take account of the needs of adolescents, to provide them with a context favourable to their development, and this, even in a pandemic.

These adults become in need of love. An education system that is benevolent is a that helps teenagers develop their full potential.

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