“The school hated me”: Anna Sedokova remembered childhood

The singer admitted that at school with no one was friends

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"Школа ненавидела меня": Анна Седокова вспомнила детство

Anna Sedokova

Today students began the school year, and in honor of 36-year-old singer Anna Sedokova decided to remember his childhood. According to star, she literally hated going to school, as was the “outcast” – including the fact that her mother was a teacher.

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In addition, Anna Sedokova doesn’t think she was popular in school because of the lack of the ability to buy nice clothes.

“At school I was ugly. An outcast and a popular girl. One of those who cries in the toilet when disco all dancing in pairs. If you don’t believe me , then scroll to the next photo in the carousel ) Now look at the photo and realize that there is nothing wrong not, sweet girl , but probably affected the poverty in which we lived, the lack of clothes , a music school and the folk ensemble, in addition well, Mother, teacher where do I feel a traitor if I go home and tell your Mother everything. Because of this, I never what Mama never told you. About anything,” writes Sedokova.

"Школа ненавидела меня": Анна Седокова вспомнила детство

Anna Sedokova in childhood

The singer also admitted that the peers had not communicated. And after graduation Sedokova decided that I would never return to this school.

“School friends I have . As that did not happen. I never took in any of the company , did not take to party . I didn’t smoke, didn’t drink , did not swear obscenities and kept bringing stray dogs into the classes. When I graduated from high school in her prom dress that she had moved out of my mother’s old , I said I was never coming back. So, forgive me. I hated school and School hated me,” wrote Anna.

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