The school library: a logical result for a teacher

De l'école à la librairie: une suite logique pour un professeur

Ten years ago, André Bernier, teacher, retired. He left his job as a French teacher in secondary 5 at Polyvalente La Pocatière to go to work part-time at the Bookstore Option.

“I have always tried to give the love of reading to my students. It was, to me, a logical sequence”, a-t-he dropped during an interview.

Deprived of his employment for five weeks, closing physical shops deemed non-essential, André Bernier is back in the library of the Carrefour La Pocatière in Kamouraska county.

The library Option has celebrated its 25th anniversary last fall. The owner Marie-Claire Robitaille has held up during the closure physics where the orders came by phone and through the site

“It was madness. The owner was every day in the trade to prepare orders. A delivery service has also been set up to service the area of Kamouraska,” said André Bernier.

Historical novels

Online sales have stabilized with the reopening of the libraries. The volume remains higher than it was before the arrival of the pandemic.

The novel A man best of Louise Penny, launched a week before the closing, has been the best seller in all categories.

“We even missed for a few weeks,” said André Bernier. New The riddle of the chamber 662 of Joël Dicker and The life is a novel of Guillaume Musso are in high demand at this time.

“The historical novels of québec, have also the rating. The village school, the second volume of the series on The side of the Laurentians, Louise Tremblay-Essiambre and final Release, the third of the saga Odile and Xavier, Jean-Pierre Charland values are safe”, he informed.


The library Option, which celebrated its 25th year last fall, is located a few steps from the cinema of The Scenario at Carrefour La Pocatière. There are also games, magazines and stationery.

“People come to read a good book a little before going to the cinema,” said the ex-teacher-turned-bookseller.

The re-opening of physical trading on 4 may led to a first wave of clients coming from La Pocatière and the municipalities of the region of Chaudière-Appalaches.

“It was then Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies at the déconfinement of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. It was felt on two occasions, the pleasure of the public back reading a book in a bookstore. It’s going very well,” he said.

André Bernier was catching up when he found himself without a job for a few weeks.

“A bookseller, it is like a child in a candy store. There are plenty of temptations. We failed, but we don’t necessarily have the time to read it all. I just finished the polar Close the eyes of Antoine Renand, that I liked a lot. Our expectations, of the young writer uk, Anna’s Hope, which I love, will be my next reading”, he said.

The suggestions André

The ladies of Havre-Aubert

Jean Lemieux


The bride of coral: the second survey of Joaquin Moralès

Roxanne Bouchard


Twilight of the Yellowstone

Louis Hamelin


* You can purchase books in the booksellers independent through the site

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