The school of the son of Trump will not reopen fully in September

L’école du fils de Trump ne rouvrira pas totalement à la rentrée

Washington | us president Donald Trump has made the reopening of schools in the united states a priority and yet the own school of her youngest son on Friday announced that the start would be online or without all of the students.

The St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, a private institution in the suburbs of Washington, said study even if, at the resumption after the summer vacation, the teaching would be done entirely remotely, or if the school would put in place a “hybrid” system in which only a limited number of students would be admitted due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The director of the institution, Robert Kosasky, stressed that the issue would be resolved the week of 10 August, ” following the recommendations of health officials “.

It is in this college located in the town well-to-do Potomac that is enrolled in school at Barron, 14 years old, the fifth child and third son of Donald Trump and only son of Melania Trump, his wife.

The question of the reopening of schools has become very political in the United States, since the president asked the institutions to reopen completely. This raises an intense debate so that the coronavirus has even infected a million Americans for 15 days.

Mr. Trump has threatened repeatedly to cut off federal grants to schools that would not be the students at the beginning.

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