The scientist told about a single center of the appearance of ancient megaliths of Europe

Ученый рассказал о едином центре появления древних мегалитов Европы

The first megaliths appeared seven thousand years ago.

A historian from the University of Gothenburg Schultz Paulson said that the megaliths in Europe began to build in the North-West of modern France in the second half of the fifth Millennium BC. From there the technology of their construction has spread along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, reports the online edition of the with reference to

It is noted that in Europe at the moment there are about 35 thousand megaliths: they represent both individual stones and whole buildings. The ancient inhabitants of the continent had built most of them near the coasts in the Neolithic and copper age. Megaliths occur on the Atlantic coast from Sweden and Denmark to Northern Spain and Portugal; the Mediterranean in southern Spain and France, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia and in Switzerland and Northern Italy.

One version of the origin of megaliths is the assumption that they began to build one nation, and then the construction technology has spread across the continent. In the new study Paulsson analyzed and compared the data of radiocarbon analysis 2410 of the European megaliths, preregulation of buildings and structures created with the megaliths at one time. Data were obtained starting from 1960-ies until present.

It was found that the ancient megaliths were built in the V Millennium BC. They are found in France, Italy, the channel Islands, Sardinia and Corsica. The oldest of them, most likely, was the necropolis of Passy in the Parisian basin. The remains of the oldest person buried here date back to 5061-4858 years BC. A little later megalithic structures appeared on the territory of modern Brittany and on the coast of Spain. In the first half of the IV Millennium BC megaliths appear in Western Europe in the British Isles, other parts of modern France and Spain. Finally, in the second half of the IV Millennium, the megalithic technology reached Scandinavia and monumental structures appear on the territory of modern Sweden and Denmark.

According to the historian, the obtained results confirm the hypothesis about a single center of the appearance of megalithic technology.

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