The scientists said that if the Earth abruptly stopped rotating

Ученые рассказали, что будет, если Земля резко перестанет вращаться

A sudden stop of the Earth will have dire consequences.

The consequences of sudden stop of Earth will be catastrophic not only for humanity but for all life on the planet, reports the with reference to Ocportal.

According to NASA, the probability that in the next few billion years the Earth will stop spinning almost zero.

In theory, a sudden stop of the Earth will have dire consequences. The atmosphere will continue to move with the speed of rotation of the planet, and this means that the surface of the planet will be swept away everything – people, houses, trees and rocks.

And if the process is gradual, people, animals and plants can get used to the changes. The laws of physics, the Earth can reduce the speed to a maximum of one revolution in 365 days. Then one side of the planet is always facing the Sun, and the other will always be covered with darkness.

Full stop of the Earth will lead to the disappearance of the magnetic field, and we lose bright auroras and radiation belts van Allen. Earth will be defenseless against solar radiation, and the emissions will burn all life on the planet’s surface.

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