The scores of Nîmes Olympique after the success of remaining in National against Sochaux aux Antonins

The scores of Nîmes Olympique after the success of remaining in National against Sochaux aux Antonins

À eux deux, Orphée Mbina et Freddy Mbemba, triple buteur, se quasiment occupés de tout face à Sochaux. MIDI LIBRE – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

En dominant Sochaux (4-2) avec éclat, Nîmes Olympique a assuré officiellement son maintien en National pour la saison prochaine. Enfin, la libération !

Paradowski (4): He concedes two goals for which he is partly responsible. Suspicious about the direct corner of the Sochalian Silva at the near post, where he poorly closes his angle (47th), he comes out a little out of time to meet the Sochalian striker Lecolier, who gets ahead of him, goes around him ;rsquo;a dribble before finishing (3-2, 64th). Bold when he tries, successfully… hellip; a dribble in his area in front of Doubiste Ackra (73rd), he proves decisive in the same minute by deflecting for a corner an attempt by Fatar which was heading towards goal.

Sbaï (4): in training this week, he had 'exploded the GPS', he said. Against Sochaux, the right side did it again, multiplying the runs in his lane, always offering. Too short in his intervention, without major consequences, on a call from Silva, left lane (48th), where he throws himself. Also sometimes tried a few full axis restarts which were a bit dangerous.

Diouf (5) : like Mendy, he was also serene in the’ axis before the break than feverish in the second half, clearing more balls than serenity. He comes out a little out of time on the second Sochaux goal, where the attacker Lecolier infiltrates between him and Mendy (62nd). To his credit, this authoritarian counter on an attempt by Doubiste Galves, at the entrance to the area (47th).

Mendy (cap., 5): more borrowed during the second act, where he did not always appear calm in the face of the Sochalian offensives which were then much more enterprising. Is beaten in the duel by Lecolier, who does not fit (63rd). Well placed, he cannot adjust his head on a free kick placed by Picouleau (80th). Cleanly stops the Doubist attacker Macalou in his percussion, entering the area (83rd).

Diallo (5) : dominated in the duel, in the surface, by the Sochaux right piston, Galves, without consequence, however (3rd). At the origin of the cross leading to the penalty (21st). Defended more and showed more difficulty after the break, having difficulty containing the Sochalian waves on his left side, and the physique of Macalou.

Doukansy (6): sober and serene in the post, he played fair and imposed his athletic impact when it was necessary, like this duel, with another strong man, the Sochaux midfielder Dramé, on the halfway line (32nd) . Lemaangr replaced him (89th).

Picouleau (7) : transforms with a flat left (safety) foot, halfway up, the penalty allowing the Crocos to breathe so much easier (1-0, 22nd). His fifth achievement of the season in the league, the second at home. For the rest, he played Picouleau, available in the game and directing it with his left foot. An important defensive return on Sochaux striker Lecolier, near the Nîmes area (43rd). At the origin of the penultimate pass on the 4-2 goal, signed Mbemba (85th).

Mexico (5) : in this attacking midfielder position, in support of the center forward, we feels the Martinican is not always comfortable with his back to the game, in a position not natural to him, who, throughout his career, has most often evolved further down the line. ;rsquo;midfield ; Substituted by Sacko (84th).

Camara (6) : like Sbaï in this straight corridor, he doesn't spare either his efforts, not hesitating to make big defensive returns. Offensively, his performance sometimes feels a little generous but not always fair. Replaced by Khalid (77th).

Mbina (7):the Gabonese international had canes of fire against the Doubistes, and it showed. Most often in all the good times. Alongside the two penalties he provokes, he drops his defender (Vitelli) on the decisive pass offered to Mbemba on the third crocodile goal. We will easily forgive him for his lost face-to-face with Patouillet (4th) or his shot, at the end of the race, which landed in the gloves of Patouillet (46th).

Mbemba (8) : in the space of one meeting, the player loaned by Dunkerque has& ;nbsp;scored as many goals as since his arrival in Nîmes (3). His hat-trick came at the best of times for the Crocos. First from the penalty spot (2-0, 27th), then with two offerings from his attacking partner Mbina (3-1, 59th; 4-2, 85th). Narrowly misses the quadruplet when he takes too much of his shot, alone against Patouillet (88th). Released to the ovation of the Antonins, replaced by the latest arrival, Doucet (89th).

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