The screenings are free-falling in the province

Les dépistages sont en chute libre dans la province

Antoine Lacroix

After having affirmed that the screening was the sinews of war against the COVID-19, Quebec has observed that fewer people are testing, especially in Montreal, where we will drop the mobile clinics in the bus as soon as Friday.

“It is important, with the déconfinement, test, test, test. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of tests, ” insisted François Legault during his time in Beauce, on Tuesday, he seemed disappointed by the most recent figures published by public health.

But the reality remains : the number of screenings conducted in the province fell to 5200 Sunday, which is the total of the lowest in samples from the 8 April, according to the most recent data available.

Quebec is so far from its target of 14 000 tests per day that it was established at the beginning of may. The last time this target has been reached, it was three weeks ago, on may 27.

Mobile units withdrawn

In Montreal, the conclusion is the same. While the mobile clinics arranged in the buses can accommodate up to 200 people on a daily basis, some do not track that fifty citizens on certain days.

The regional director of public health of Montreal, Dr. Mylène Drouin, has therefore decided to withdraw these mobile units.

A choice justified by the favourable evolution of the epidemiological situation in the metropolis, the free-fall of the ridership and the rate of positive tests decreased.

It will be thus the five Centres integrated academic health and social services (CIUSSS) of Montreal, who will be responsible for coordinating the screenings on the island.

However, Dr. Drouin ensures that the decrease in the number of tests and positive cases does not mean that some cases are beyond our control, so that there are less symptomatic people.

“There are no other signs in terms of hatching in work environments that enable us to say that we underestimate what is happening. […] All our indicators point in the same direction for us to say that we are in the right direction “, she argues.

A plan asked the Dr Arruda

For his part, the prime minister of Quebec considers that it is necessary that its government is “much more” proactive to convince the population to get tested.

François Legault stated that he asked the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, a plan ” to increase significantly the number of tests.”

And to achieve its goals, it promises that all the means will be studied, including by investing in advertising campaigns, as has been done in Ontario.

– With Vincent Larin, QMI Agency

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