The second round of presidential elections in Ukraine to 2019: as voted Polyakova, Potap, Pritula and other stars

Второй тур выборов президента Украины 2019: как голосовали Полякова, Потап, Притула и другие звезды

Stars of showbiz and the League of Laughter

Sunday, April 21 in Ukraine held the second round of presidential elections that saw incumbent President Petro Poroshenko and popular actor Vladimir Zelensky. Ever since the morning, the polls started to walk voters, many of them photographed and posted pictures on the net call for to go to the polls. Ukrainian celebrities are no exception, they, like all citizens, also go to the polls and vote. Also stars do not deny yourself in pleasure to post the “election” of the tragedy. We looked at our Instagram celebrities and have gathered a selection of such “state of art” photo.

So, one of the first photos from the polling station published TV host and actor Sergey Prytula. He came to the site with their colleagues “Variate”. Earlier Prytula told the fans that changed the voting place in Transcarpathia, as in the day of the election he was there on tour.

Alex Potapenko better known as Potap, also came to the site himself. The rapper posted a photo of son Andrei, who throws the ballot in the ballot box. In the caption to this snapshot of Alex wrote: “For the future”.

At the polling station also got Elena-Cristina Swan. The TV host posted a photo with her lover – the Vice-Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

Its selection also made the Koshev family. The photo “bald from the block” with his wife was published on the page of “95 Quarter”. As seen in the photo, a couple came to the polls in embroidery.

As in the first round, the vote in the second actress Olga Sumska came with her husband – also a famous actor Vitaly Borisyuk. The couple did not forget to take a selfie and boast in the network.

But Thank Kaminska from “Neonglow” he noted. The singer, according to her, voted for the first time, and I come to the site, as to the concert – in full regalia.

Superblondinka Olya Polyakova also didn’t ignore your civic duty, and how millions of Ukrainians who came to vote.

We will remind, we wrote, as voted Ukrainian stars in the first round of the presidential election.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Zelensky made a loud statement.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote what’s going on at the headquarters of Poroshenko.


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