The secret ingredient of aluminum cans: video

Секретный ингредиент алюминиевых банок: видео

Секретный ингредиент алюминиевых банок: видео

The secret ingredient of aluminum cans: video

The experiment is quite simple, but repeat it we do not recommend.

May 27, 2019 at 08:36


First beer began to pour in tins of 24 January 1935, then the range is filled with soft drinks: the new packaging has become lighter and more durable alternative to glass bottles. In our days the banks are made from tin, aluminum or stainless steel. A key development to avoid destruction of the flavor of the product as a result of chemical reactions with the metal, became a polymer or epoxy liner.

The popular science channel Science MEL decided to demonstrate this “secret layer”, which few people realize. Scientists do not advise to carry out this experiment at home: you must have a good hood, otherwise you can be poisoned with toxic vapors. And even if you are cautious, the rest of the drink then drink, do not: it can be contaminated by extraneous toxic substances.

However the experiment itself is quite simple. First you need to remove the paint using sandpaper, and then hang the jar on a wooden stick in a larger capacity. There poured drain cleaner – liquid containing a solution of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and it remains only to wait two hours.

As a result, the aluminum really disappeared, but were inside the soda remained in place: keep it thin plastic wall. Learn about the most horrific scientific experiments.


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