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Секрет идеального отдыха: как планирует отпуск телеведущая Иванна Онуфрийчук

Anchorwoman Ivanna Onufriichuk

Like it or not, summer is the perfect time for vacation. Even if the cherished holiday not expected, it is in the summer months, attacks of Nega, the desire to do nothing and forget it all by the sea or high in the mountains. About the ideal vacation specifically for Today.Lifestyle told host of the show “Without krovatki” on channel UFO TV Ivanna onufriichuk. Ivan was flying to Spain on his birthday and willingly shares memories.

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– Ivanna, to fly on holiday on your birthday – it’s your tradition?

It is certainly not tradition, because his birthday I always celebrate in Ukraine. And this year really wanted to be alone in your day to be alone with her thoughts and nature alone. Moreover, the holiday fell on Monday, when nobody cares to mention not comfortable. The country chose the one where it’s warm, where close to fly and colorful as I like.

– The first time you were in Spain?

In Spain I have 5-th or 6-th time. I love this country for its beautiful nature, energetic and friendly people, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine and of course wine! Well, the biggest love to the climate. Somehow in December I went to a walk in Barcelona and all the time spent in one leather jacket.

Секрет идеального отдыха: как планирует отпуск телеведущая Иванна Онуфрийчук

Ivanna onufriichuk in Spain

– Have you planned your trip in advance or it happened spontaneously?

– I rarely can plan something in advance. Most of my trips are spontaneous, even holidays. It was difficult to quickly find a good place in the height of summer. But I got it just a week.

In addition to relaxing on the beach, managed to take tours in Spain?

– All my tours of Marbella – it was a Bicycle, where every day I was driving along a very long beach and to the old town. During these walks I was able to acquire new interesting acquaintances, discover different beautiful places nearby. The rest of the time I spent in the SPA, on the beach on site, walking by the sea.

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– It is better to buy a tour or to arrange your own trip?

– I almost never purchase the tours no matter what country it is. I love the individuality and independence, always plan everything myself depending on the mood.

– What is interesting about Spain in the format of a beach holiday?

Секрет идеального отдыха: как планирует отпуск телеведущая Иванна Онуфрийчук

Ivanna Onufriichuk

– In Spain, a very beautiful wide beaches, where there are many picturesque venues, vibrant entertainment, shops with beautiful and cheap beach clothing and Souvenirs. There is always music playing and there are resorts to suit every budget. But most of all attracted by the incredible views of mountains, sea and palm trees.

– As a girl it is best to prepare for the trip on the sea to another country? Tell us about your beauty secrets.

Something that I always take with me – it means sun protection for the skin and hair, a few hats, moisturizing masks and creams. The minimum of clothes, but definitely a couple of dresses and heels. Even before you begin to fire, I always straberry body to tan deeper entrenched.

– How to relax so that strength and energy enough for a long time?

– Need for a period of rest to keep myself from gadgets and social networks. More to be in nature, listen to music, be inspired by beautiful views. And it is advisable to rest at least two weeks, no less!

Секрет идеального отдыха: как планирует отпуск телеведущая Иванна Онуфрийчук

Ivanna Onufriichuk

– Where you plan to go next?

Next time I really want to go somewhere far away, most likely in Bali. At the moment, this is the place that captivated me the most.

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