The secret of love, health and money: choose success

The secret to love, health and money: go for success


Author and screenwriter Rhonda Byrne who rose to fame with her best-selling The Secret, sold one of the biggest hits of the decade in its niche, has just launched a new book, The Secret of Love, health and money, a book that provides the keys to success in the different spheres of life. 

Rhonda Byrne is a big believer in gratitude. In fact, virtually the entire book is built around this way of acting. Thus, instead of everyone being discouraged, saddened or even frustrated with certain limiting illnesses, the author suggests adopting the opposite attitude. Look first at what is going on with your health and be grateful for what you have. Better yet, imagine yourself cured of what is wrong and give thanks to the universe. It is through various testimonials that the author demonstrates that these methods work. Are you skeptical? Obviously, especially since among the witnesses, some had received very dark medical diagnoses and that by using gratitude they healed. 

To better understand the process, showing gratitude is a bit like having thoughts of love for both the universe and yourself. If, on the contrary, you are sad, desperate or frustrated, these are negative feelings that gravitate around you. While showing gratitude, it is love that emerges from you and love being the most powerful feeling, it manages to work miracles. The author also suggests starting with small things, such as a headache. The more concrete results you get on small ailments, the easier it will be for you to try the experiment on more serious problems.

The Law of Attraction

While gratitude is a big part of this book, many of the stated principles are based on the Universal Law of Attraction. Because we are the creators of our lives, believes the author, it is imperative to think positive thoughts every day to have a positive impact. “The law of attraction allows you to have, be and do whatever you want,” says Rhonda Byrnes. It's a law that works like a magnet, whether you believe it or not.

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