The Senate voted the ban of TikTok on the phones of employees of the government

Le Sénat vote l’interdiction de TikTok sur les téléphones des employés du gouvernement

The american Senate adopted on Thursday unanimously a bill that prohibits the download and use of TikTok, social network of the chinese group ByteDance, on any device issued by the government to its employees or to members of Congress.

“TikTok represents a major security risk and has no place on the apparatus of government “, has tweeted the press service of the republican senator Josh Hawley, co-author of the text.

After its passage in the Senate, controlled by republicans, this text still needs to be approved by the House of representatives, democratic majority, so that Donald Trump could then enact.

The text prohibits employees of the u.s. government, but also to “the elected members of Congress, employees of Congress, or to officials and employees of public companies “of the” download or use the TikTok or any application successor developed by ByteDance, or any agency property ByteDance, on a device provided by the United States or a government agency “.

Only permitted exceptions: the work related to cyber security, intelligence, or law enforcement and disciplinary measures.

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the United States wished to ban phones americans not only TikTok but also other applications of chinese considered at risk to the national security.

He had advanced to Sunday that Donald Trump was going to “take action in the coming days,” against TikTok and other applications related to chinese companies.

Donald Trump has put pressure on the chinese group ByteDance to sell before mid-September TikTok, Microsoft or another us company, under penalty of not being able to operate in the United States.

In a context of political tensions and trade with Beijing, Washington accuses since months TikTok to be used by the information chinese, for monitoring purposes.

The platform has always firmly denied any sharing of data with the chinese authorities.

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