The 'Sens' feared the worst for Jake Sanderson

The “Sens” feared the worst for Jake Sanderson


When defenseman Jake Sanderson was escorted off the ice after taking a shot near the face during Thursday's game against the Washington Capitals, Ottawa Senators management and fans restrained their breath. 

Earlier this month, Artem Zub and Travis Hamonic received a puck to the face and another to the throat, respectively. Unlike Zub, who suffers from a broken jaw, Sanderson was luckier.

“I just got hit in the side of my neck and collarbone,” said the principal. daily Ottawa Sun. It was scary at first, but in the end it wasn't that bad. There's nothing to make a big fuss about. Everything is fine, I feel 100%.”

The “Sens” have high hopes in Sanderson, selected fifth in the 2020 entry draft. Head coach D.J. Smith is delighted to count on his protege who has one goal and 11 assists in 34 games this season.

“It's a tough game and so is the work,” Smith said. Guys get hurt and for sure we don't want to see long-term injuries: that's especially the case when a player gets a puck in the face. There are athletes who never come back from some of these injuries. When you see a young player go through this, you worry about him.”