The series ‘Lucifer’ renewed for final fifth season

When is the premiere of the new season is still unknown

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Сериал "Люцифер" продлили на заключительный пятый сезон


Fans of the TV series “Lucifer” can rejoice, because after Netflix “saved” the project and released a fourth season, he also extended the series for a fifth. However, this season will be his last, reports Deadline.

Ukraine has called the popular series:

“We are so grateful to Netflix for the fact that he resurrected our show and let us finish it the way we wanted. Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their support. The best is yet to come”, – reported in Twitter Executive producers Ildi of Modrovich and Joe Henderson.

At the beginning of may aired the fourth season of “Lucifer”, and when to wait for the premiere of the final episodes, not yet reported.

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It is worth noting that the series tells the story of the Lord of hell, who goes to Los Angeles to dispel the boredom. It opens luxury night club, but when it kill a pop star, Lucifer joins the investigation of the crime.

Recall, the fourth season of “Lucifer” was released on may 8 and showed good ratings.

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Сериал "Люцифер" продлили на заключительный пятый сезон

Сериал "Люцифер" продлили на заключительный пятый сезон

Сериал "Люцифер" продлили на заключительный пятый сезон


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