The sexiest grandmother in the world has revealed a diet which has lost 15 pounds (photos)

Самая сексуальная в мире бабушка раскрыла диету, с помощью которой похудела на 15 килограммов (фото)

47-year-old Gina Stewart, who caused a sensation after he hit the number of finalists established by popular men’s magazine Maxim contest “Miss Maxim Australia 2018” and took the 12th place, revealed a diet where she lost 15 pounds.

Gina called the sexiest grandmother in the world. She has four children 27-year-old James, a 25-year-old Casey, 23-year-old Cody and a four-year summer. And you already have ten-month-old granddaughter.

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For Breakfast spectacular Granny beauty usually eats eggs give her energy. Her traditional lunch is rye crackers, cheese and avocado. And for dinner she eats chicken, fish or ground Turkey meat with vegetable salad or beans, broccoli and sweet potato (sweet potato). As a snack of Gin daily and allows himself a small piece of chocolate. “Chocolate is my weakness,” she told the publication the Daily Mail. However, she prefers a special chocolate — not sugar. “But it tastes like it’s a mountain of sugar”, — she says.

“I only eat these products in the last year or so. And lost 15 pounds. During exercise of low intensity”, — said Stewart.

“When I was younger, I could eat anything I want and never gained a single kg. In the current age it is much harder to work” — she admits. “I started to eat healthy and more conscious of the chemicals that I consume, last year or two. Very noticeable difference in how I look and feel now,” — says the model, who is now drinking water from plastic bottles, for fear they contained bisphenol A — a synthetic estrogen that may cause adverse health effects.

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“These chemicals from plastic enter the body and affect your hormones. That’s why many young couples are unable to conceive the natural way”, — said the Australian.

The last two years, Gina also does not drink alcohol. And never drink coffee, which, in her opinion, dry skin. About the dangers of coffee her since childhood warned mom. “It’s strange, but true. I never drank coffee… He comes into conflict with the the hormone that controls the production of sebum. Hydration is very important for the skin”, — leads edition of the words Gina. The same water she uses only alkaline. Because it has a lot of minerals.

“Some might say, well, what a boring life — no alcohol, no coffee, and only eat healthy food. But really it’s great. I do not judge others for their habits, but very important for me to watch myself because my youngest child is only four years”, says Gina Stewart.

“My father died of a heart attack at the age of 59 years. So I try to stay healthy, longer to be near children and grandchildren… Friends say I now look as good as never before. I must admit that I never watched because I didn’t have the knowledge what I have now. I went through a long path before eliminated from your life of chemicals, but the result was worth it”, says Stuart, believing that it is never too late to start to do them.

She also said that ten years ago increased the Breasts with implants, because it was fashionable at the time and because she thought I would be after that confident. But when she got older, she realized that her health is more important than breast size. Soon she is going to have a surgery to remove silicone.

She also regrets that has set itself the veneers plates that improve the appearance of teeth. Gina believes that the information contained in these substances can also harm the body.

In terms of cosmetics, Stewart uses to maintain maligawatte organic coconut oil — for hair, for skin and for cooking. This remedy skin care has been known since the times of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Also Australian is rosehip oil, which, she says, has stunning anti-aging effect and works wonders. Stuart dabbing it on the skin after cleansing.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and useful fatty acids, the rosehip oil can also make face masks — mixing, for example, with egg yolk. And also, if there are no contraindications, you can apply it inside small amounts.

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Stewart is the only deodorant of natural origin that do not contain aluminum salts and some other substances harmful to health. Aluminium compounds, penetrating through the skin and the respiratory tract, accumulate in the body, and can lead to various diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

Gina Stewart gives the other women advice is not to listen to negative comments about their appearance. Her childhood and adolescence was teased (in particular — because of the flat chest).

“Nobody’s perfect. Life is too short to fret over what people think about you. There are no rules in terms of how we should look”, — assured beauty. She also believes that being a grandmother doesn’t mean to wear Granny panties with flowers. You can look sexy at any age.

Самая сексуальная в мире бабушка раскрыла диету, с помощью которой похудела на 15 килограммов (фото)

Самая сексуальная в мире бабушка раскрыла диету, с помощью которой похудела на 15 килограммов (фото)

Самая сексуальная в мире бабушка раскрыла диету, с помощью которой похудела на 15 килограммов (фото)

Самая сексуальная в мире бабушка раскрыла диету, с помощью которой похудела на 15 килограммов (фото)

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