“The side effect” and “The eye of the storm”: a year of maturity for Emi Chicoine

“The side effect” and “The eye of the storm”: a year of maturity for Emi Chicoine

The last months of filming on TV took place under the sign of maturity for both Emi Chicoine and his characters. Indeed, the teenager has reconnected with Emma for the third season of “The high school” and lent her features to Jade in front of the cameras of the future comedy “The eye of the storm”.

Impose your presence

When the back-to-school bell rings for “The side effect” (December 22 on Tou.tv Extra and January 8 on Radio-Canada), the “fans” of the series will discover an Emma who “is more like herself. even ”, a little“ badass ”girl, as Emi Chicoine describes her.

“During seasons 1 and 2, of all the other characters in her ‘gang’, she’s quite the shyest, the one who respects the rules and is a little more in love. In season 3, she puts her foot down, she defends herself more and she has a little more “torque”. She brings out a little side that we had not seen before, that I like a lot and which is a little more like me. “

Even the specter of COVID-19 that constantly hangs over sets has not curtailed the enthusiasm of the 17-year-old actress who says the energy was beautiful to see at work. The particular situation will have had at least a very positive effect, because there has been “a big wave of maturity brought by season 3”.

A brake on reconciliation

Obviously, the coronavirus has come to color history in its own way. Conducive to reconciliations and sentimental effusions, the years spent in high school like those of adolescence will not take on the aspect that we would be entitled to expect.

“In season 3, couples who formed in seasons 1 and 2 can no longer kiss. We weren’t even entitled to hugs at first. It was really just to hold hands, ”says Emi Chicoine.

We also had to review expectations. “What I found really difficult on set was not seeing my director’s face after my scene. […] It’s funny because right now I’m shooting “L’oeil du cyclone” with Christine Beaulieu and she told me the same thing. ”

Humor scenes

Moreover, Emi Chicoine had to deal with similar constraints for this comedy which will be unveiled in mid-February via the Tou.tv Extra. “On“ L’oeil du cyclone, there are scenes where it would be nice to have a “French”, but we can’t. You know that the public expects this “French” between these two people and you don’t have it. Throughout the series, I have a boyfriend and I only have cuddles with him. “

Having already proven her talent for dramatic scenes thanks to the second version of “Plan B”, the teenager was able to develop her comic side thanks to this production also starring Véronique Cloutier.

She lends her features to Jade, the eldest daughter of Christine Beaulieu. “He’s the character that most resembles me. The costume designers were inspired by how I got to rehearsals to dress. He’s a “funky” character who really has a great relationship with his mother. […] They tease each other a lot, but it’s still in love. It’s never really mean. She’s a teenager who is on her cellphone a lot, who sometimes looks like a pig, but she’s super cool and has a good “drive”. ”

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