The Simpsons : soon the end of the series ? The statements that will sow the seeds of doubt

Les Simpson : bientôt la fin de la série ? Les déclarations qui sèment le doute

The Simpsons : soon the end of the series ? The statements that will sow the seeds of doubt

Broadcast on american tv for 31 years, The Simpsons is the series the longest in the History of the small screen in the US. Already renewed for a season is 32, which will start in 2020 on FOX, the series could, however, come to an end shortly ? New declarations sow the seeds of doubt among the fans.

With over 670 episodes at the counter, The Simpsons remains one of the animated series of the cult – if not THE most cult – of american television. Over its 31 seasons, the series has made laugh millions of viewers and some of the predictions. While Disney+ was at the centre of a controversy after the release of the episodes on the platform, another new might well annoy fans of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie.

The composer confirms the end to come

For years, rumors on the possible end of Simpson has been circulating on the web. It is, for example, mused that the series could end at the conclusion of its thirtieth season, one thing that has not ultimately been held since the FOX currently broadcasts the season 31 and has already renewed the series for a season is 32, which will be disseminated by 2020/2021 on its antenna. But if, this time, the end was near ? This is what was suggested by Danny Elfman, composer of the series and, in particular, of its generic.

In an interview with the site Joe, he responded to a question where he was asked if he thought the series should end : “From what I’ve heard, the series is coming to an end. Therefore, this issue will also come to an end (…) I’m not sure but I heard that this year will be the last” he confided. Statements surprising since The Simpsons is already renewed for one more season. Was he confused or is it a false info ? It will have to wait to find out.

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