The Simpsons : the episodes spoiled by Disney+ fans angry

Les Simpson : les épisodes gâchés par Disney+, les fans en colère

The Simpsons : episodes ruined by Disney+ fans angry

Launched on Tuesday 12 November in the USA, Disney+ is already a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, the streaming platform does not have the right to compliments. The proof is that the fans of the Simpsons are already angry against it, because of its broadcast format which ruins the original series.

Disney+ causes the anger of fans of the Simpsons

Only a few hours after its grand launch in the USA, Disney+, the platform competing with Netflix and Prime Video, is already a lot to talk about it, but not necessarily well. In addition to many bugs and technical quite surprising for such a project, fans of the Simpsons have just made a terrible discovery : the series the 20th Century Fox studio (recently purchased by the house of Mickey mouse) present in the catalog, is not fulfilled.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about censorship, as has recently been suspected with Netflix and South Park, but the format of the episodes has been changed, in order to bring a sense of HD and of a second youth in a series of 30-year-old. Thus, as the first 20 seasons have been created in the format 4/3 to match the televisions of the time, they have here been changed to 16: 9 in order to stick to the screens today.

Episodes are the victims of a new format

Nothing serious if this allows you to enjoy a viewing experience more in agreement with our tv sets of the time, all the more so that the black bars on the sides are always ugly ? On the contrary. As has noticed to the Users, these new dimensions change a lot of things to the series.

You can see below, the scenery can be totally cut off which takes away the strength of many visual gags, the faces can be distorted or not at all to be scoped, and we can also attend to strange scenes like the one where Homer is watching normal tv on the couch, but when the camera turns to the tv in question, the image is no longer stretched (in order to make us understand what we look at) and that imposes… the famous black stripes.

Note that Disney+ is not totally at fault. Recovering the series – which was, until then rerun on FXX, it has simply copied the format used by this string. Nevertheless, this is still a small professional misconduct for having preserved this way, as FXX, already regularly criticized for it, now choose the desired format at the time of viewing. A method soon to be implemented by the platform ? Hopefully.

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