The Simpsons : the episodes spoiled by Disney+ ? The platform promises changes

Les Simpson : les épisodes gâchés par Disney+ ? La plateforme promet des changements

The Simpsons : the episodes spoiled by Disney+ ? The platform promises changes

Netflix can blow, she is not the only platform to make bad buzz with a series of animation (poke South Park). Last week, it’s Disney+ which has angered fans of the Simpsons because of the format not respected episodes. Good news, she has promised a few changes in the coming months.

Disney+ has just been launched in the USA, but the platform SVOD Disney has already managed to attract a little controversy. Some fans of the Simpsons series, which is now included in its catalogue following the purchase of the studio 20th Century Fox, have indeed noticed, the episodes currently available online are not in their original format.

Disney+ is a backward step for The Simpson

Now that the first 20 seasons of the animated series have been created in the format 4/3 to match the televisions of the time, they have here been changed to 16: 9 in order to stick to the screens today. The problem is that by doing this, Disney+ – that have enlarged the images, simply invisibilisé many visual gags and cut of the heads/sets (see below).

A lack of respect for the work of creators criticized by the public, for which Disney+ apologized and explained. In a press release, the direct competitor of Netflix in a first time confessed : “We have introduced The Simpsons in 16: 9 format to ensure the visual quality constant over the 30 seasons“, before promising change in the coming months : “With the time, Disney+ will be implementing new viewing options. Among them, in the early 2020’s, Disney+ will make available the first 19 seasons of the Simpsons (and a few episodes of season 20) and the format of 4/3, by enabling subscribers to choose the format they prefer to watch the series“.

Like what, it’s finally an advantage to wait until the month of march 2020 to discover the platform in France. Okay, one spoiler sets like The Mandalorian, but by the time it arrived with us, she has had the time to fix all its bugs and flaws.

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