The Singaporean swimming delegation trains for the Olympics in Sète

The Singaporean swimming delegation trains for the Olympics in Sète

Les nageurs singapouriens s’entraîneront jusqu’à vendredi à la piscine de Raoul-Fonquerne à Sète. Midi Libre – V.Gr

À 64 jours des Jeux Olympiques de Paris 2024, la délégation singapourienne de natation a élu domicile à Sète pour peaufiner ses derniers entraînements.

This Wednesday, May 22, eight Singaporean swimmers began their preparations for the Olympics at the Raoul-Fonquerne swimming pool in Sète. The Singaporean delegation, composed equally of four women and four men, does not wish to leave the empty-handed from the Parisian event. Thus, the athletes train every afternoon for several hours under the burning sun of Sète. Their schedule is full until this Friday, the day of their departure. Sébastien Abellan assures that "these are the delegations who chose to come and train in the Sétois basin because it meets their expectations, it being labeled "Terre of Games 2024"".

The French water polo team on July 1st

Other nations have chosen the Sète swimming pool to improve their skills before the big summer meeting. In particular, the South African triathletes are expected there in mid-July. The pool will also host, on July 1, a friendly match between the French water polo team and that of Montenegro.

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