The singer posed in a slinky bodysuit

Ани Лорак позировала в облегающем боди

The singer appeared before the fans in contradictory images ofAni Lorak, which has puzzled fans of the photo book to show them new and exciting the in tight-fitting bodysuit, which caused rave reviews from fans, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

Also the singer has published in his Instagram a picture, which appeared in a completely different manner – confident and decisive beauty in a bright red cloak.

The first picture is executed in black and white. It star bowed one knee, and pensively looked down.

The second beady eyes and clenched fists.

“When words are not necessary, quite a sight!” – signed frame Lorak.

In the comments to the photo fans actress showered her with compliments and literally a Declaration of love, comparing her with a goddess and a visitor from outer space. At the same time there is a request to be more modest in the selection of outfits:

“You’re the most beautiful, your songs are crazy and not real! You’re the DIVA”;”Yum!””A Goddess!””For singer too revealing costume! On stage in front of an audience as the need of more careful! You need to respect your audience!”

Ани Лорак позировала в облегающем боди

Ани Лорак позировала в облегающем боди


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