The sky in Iraq was painted in blood red, causing the rumors about the approaching Apocalypse (video)

Небо в Ираке окрасилось в кроваво-красный цвет, вызвав слухи о приближении Апокалипсиса (видео)

In the network appeared the strange videos that have been filmed in Iraq. They show that the sky and everything around is painted in blood red. Shocked eyewitnesses could not explain this phenomenon and, as seen in one of the videos of themselves filmed on camera.

It caused gossip about the approaching end of the world. “It is written in the Bible. The moon will become as blood. And Jesus will return very soon”, “something very bad will happen to our planet,” wrote commentators.

Other, according to the Daily Star, have suggested that this effect photoshop. And still others were sure that it is the consequences of the storms.

So, earlier “FACTS” wrote that a sandstorm has turned the island of Crete in the likeness of Mars.

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