“The slip” : a tumultuous end-of-shoot

«La dérape» : tumultueuse fin de tournage

MONTREAL – The team of “The slip” will long be remembered for the last day of filming of the third season. Weather conditions very bad, have made nightmarish recording of scenes of racing cars. It doesn’t have much to spare for Julia and her band, this is the least we can say!

Sébastien Delorme, who lends her traits to Jeff Samson, father of the young heroine, Julia (Camille Felton) and ex-racing driver in the series written and directed by Christian Laurence, remembers with emotion the day of the last summer, at the Autodrome Saint-Eustache (now closed).

“Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, that day, insists the actor. All the other years, everything went well and it was a story of dream, all this time, everything was playing against us : the rain, the wind, the cold… it was panic in the house! You don’t wish it to anyone…”


The troops were preparing to put in a box all of the action scenes outside, get down on the track, before you say goodbye to the final, since it has been confirmed that “out of control” will not have a fourth season.

“Unfortunately, it was probably the day the most rainy and windy all the year,” says Sébastien Delorme. We, the actors, it was not necessary to grelotter saying our texts, even if it was frozen and numb. This was not pleasant for the technical team. It ventait so much that there was bits of sheet metal from the roof of the motor-racing track, which revolaient on the track. Panels that flew passed by the technicians, to within a few metres. It had become dangerous.”

At such a point, continuing Delorme, that the union of technicians of the image et du son (AQTIS) has ordered the immediate halt of the shooting. However, considering the phenomenal sums of money at stake, it was imperative to wrap up the segments of cars that had to be filmed.

“There were extras, cars, stunt people, drivers, all of the cast… Christian Laurence has done miracles and has found plan B to recover, that it would be safe and that we can complete our day. I’ve really seen a director who has worked hard, but it can be well proud of the result. It is a feat that we have managed to deliver the action scenes. Because “The skids” without scenes of cars, it would have been a little flat!”, comments on Sébastien Delorme.


In regards to Jeff Samson, it is found in the heart of a plot crucial in this final chapter of “The skids”, to the great joy of his interpreter. The former star of NASCAR there is love, but their romance quickly finds himself at the center of an imbroglio that will affect a lot his daughter, Julia.

“The author has sent me in the arms of a “small young”, rod Sebastian, laughing. I was glad, because there were twists and turns to my character. It is no longer just the father, the one who accompanies. The storyline was interesting.”

Sébastien Delorme also incorporates the same this week the filming of “District 31” after having received, with his colleagues, safety training and observance of sanitary rules in the context of the pandemic.

“I have no problem going back to work. I feel good in confidence. The measures are pretty strict,” says the interpreter, the detective sergeant Stéphane Pouliot, who would have wanted to go vacation in California or France this summer, but the pandemic has slowed down the plans.

He rejoiced, moreover, to be a finalist for the prix Artis, where he was not appointed last year, thanks to his work in “District 31”.

“In my case, it’s been so long that I had not been appointed and I am very happy to be back. I’m happy to be a part of the “gang”!”

  • The three seasons of “The slips” are available on Club illico.
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