The slogan “Black Lives Matter” painted in front of the tower Trump in New York

Le slogan «Black Lives Matter» peint devant la tour Trump à New York

The slogan “Black Lives Matter” (” The lives of black count”), painted in giant letters in front of the tower Trump, on 5th Avenue: New York city, bastion, a democrat, has offered a photogenic foot-of-nose to Donald Trump on Thursday accused of despising the anti-racism movement.

A similar operation had been a resounding success at the beginning of June in Washington, where the mayor and a democrat had to paint these words on a street leading to the White House.

Six weeks after the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis on the 25th of may, the prestigious avenue in new york adorned with the letters of the movement, in the eyes of many photographers and television.

At the end of the marking, the mayor from the far left Bill de Blasio came to add a few touches of yellow, with other leaders including the reverend Al Sharpton, a figure of the struggle for racial justice.

On the 1st of July, the mayor had explained that he wanted as well as the republican president, let him hear ” three words for which he never showed any respect “.

Donald Trump did not immediately respond. At the beginning of July, he had tweeted that police should “perhaps” not allow to be affixed, ” this symbol of hatred on the most prestigious street in new york “.

The few police officers present on Thursday attended without a word to the operation.

The ex-magnate of new york real estate once lived in a triplex at the top of this skyscraper near Central Park until his departure for the White House in January 2017.

Since November 2019, he has made his resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, his official residence, abandoning a city largely hostile to his presidency.

Among the witnesses of the ceremony of the marking of Thursday, a lot was ” an important symbol “.

“It is a symbol great,” said Amber Fairweather, 37 years old. “I just hope that it will go beyond, and that within three months, the people will believe again. ”

“I do not trust my fellow citizens, and especially not to my fellow whites,” said the black woman, who is said to have suffered professionally from the color of his skin. “We have the right to have paintings, but will remain on there? “

“Pass in front of the tower Trump in Manhattan is not a pleasant experience, people don’t like the symbol giant of him (Donald Trump, editor’s note) here, so it is good to do it in front of his tower,” said Francie Brewster, a high school student who has participated in the widespread protests that followed the death of George Floyd.

“But it is important not to focus just on this kind of things, but about real political change “, she added.

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