The small bookshop has grown up

La petite librairie spécialisée a grandi

In 2009, Daniel Sioui has opened the bookstore Hannenorak in the heart of the community of Wendake in Quebec city. Eleven years later, the small business that specializes in aboriginal literature has become a library generalist.

“I opened the bookstore in a former post office operated by my aunt and was situated in the house of my grand-father. The goal was to create a place where you could find all the books which speak of the aboriginal people. It was no big thing, 11 years ago, in bookstores generalist “, he stated, in an interview.

Last September, the library Hannenorak moved in to larger premises and better positioned on boulevard Bastien.

“We dreamed of becoming a library generalist, but was not local. A lady informed us, one day, she was ready to sell his house and we jumped on the opportunity “, he told.

“We had never worked in a bookstore. It was learned gradually, ” added Cassandre Sioui, his spouse, who is associated with this adventure, a year after the opening.

Fast Service

Cassandra and Daniel Sioui thought was possible, during the closure of physical shops non-essential, take a couple of weeks of vacation.

“We operate our bookstore two and it never takes a vacation. This was thought to be a good time, but it has never worked as far as that, ” he said.

The couple received between 15 and 20 orders per day through the site Orders that have allowed the library Hannenorak, which always has a section devoted to the books of the First Nations, to draw business into a full pandemic.

Daniel Sioui has put in place a delivery service. He was leaving in his car, in the late afternoon, to go out to meet clients up at Beauport and Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

“The delivery time was about 24 hour. Some customers have received their books 45 minutes after placing their order. People capotaient seeing me arrive,” he said laughing, proud of the speed of its service.

This initiative has allowed the library to achieve savings versus the costs associated with the postal delivery. It was also possible to order through the page Facebook of the library, by email and by phone.

Quebec literature, Your dead to me David Goudreault, books of eco company and everything that touches the food self-sufficiency have been in demand.

“We also sold a lot of books on chickens,” said Daniel Sioui, a sign that many people have built chicken coops to the house.

The two libraries have continued to read on a daily basis, even if the days of job were responsible.

Daniel Sioui has had a crush on The twilight of the Yellowstone by Louis Hamelin and Cassandra has fallen for the novel, This little glimmer, Lori Jansens, published by Alto.


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